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The Guadiana International Music Festival is held annually in late October in the town of Alcoutim on the banks of the river Guadiana, Portugal. It is an eclectic mix of music genres including Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, Fado, Flamenco and much more.

We are excited to announce details of the 6th. Guadiana International Music Festival (October 19th to 21st). The festival will
see the traditional riverside village of Alcoutim in the Eastern Algarve region of Portugal and Sanlúcar de Guadiana in Andalusia, play host
to some of the finest, local, national and international musical talent to be found.  The festival offers the perfect excuse for a music-filled Autumn break in a beautiful and lesser-known part of the popular holiday destination.
The festival is planned to be expanded upon and grow to a major cultural exchange of musical talent
that will feature playing, singing and writing workshops alongside the live musical entertainment.
with events starting on Friday evening, and continuing until Sunday evening

 Alcoutim, Portugal is the main venue, though there will be some events across the river Guadiana in the neighbouring village of Sanlúcar de Guadiana, Spain.

Take in two countries in one weekend, ferry across the river Guadiana (2 euros return, or 1 euro if you
don’t want to come back).

 Alcoutim, Portugal is a medium sized village, 20 miles inland from the eastern
Algarve coast. It is approximately 1 hour drive from Faro Airport, and is situated on the river
Guadiana (hyperlink). There are many other activities to entertain visitors in this quiet, as yet largely
undiscovered region, with a history and culture going back thousands of years. You can take walks
along trails of all abilities, pick oranges, almonds, figs, pomegranates and many wild herbs and fruits.

Visit historic castles and musieums
There are many water based activities; from canoeing to jet skiing or leisurely trips along the
quiet, unspoiled river on river tour boats. The more adventurous can hire quad bikes or even ‘ZIP’
between two countries on the 400 metre long zip wire across the Guadiana river. This is the only zip
wire between two countries in the world.

The Guadiana International Music Festival is a not for profit event that takes place each year in mid-October. This is the 6th year of the festival, which was originally devised as a way for the large ex-pat community to give something back to our wonderful hosts in Alcoutim, Portugal and Sanlúcar, Spain, on either side of the Rio Guadiana. It is a truly international and multi-cultural event, organised through the collaboration of ex-pats with local Spanish and Portuguese organisations and businesses. Volunteers work free of charge to organise, manage, promote and perform at the festival and, alongside a fantastic weekend of eclectic music, the festival aims to promote the many attractions in the regions surrounding the two villages. Despite the willing army of volunteers, we still need to cover the costs of some external services, such as music rights, promotion, etc. A full list of costings is provided below.

If you love the Rio Guadiana like we do, or if you love supporting local festivals, talented musicians, or international collaboration, then please support the 2018 festival. With your support we can expand on what has already proven to be a successful formula, and together enable this unique international community initiative of Portuguese, Spanish and ex-patriots from around the world to grow and realise its full potential. With your support, this festival has the potential to become a prominent music festival and a truly international event.

All money raised will help to cover the following costs of the 2018 festival, which will take place October 19-21:

Music/performing rights                                                                   €700

Travelling musicians @ €50 per head (this is a small token

of support toward the costs incurred)                                              €950

Stage security overnight                                                                   €500

Online promotion                                                                             €400

Other media promotion                                                                   €500

Total                                                                                               €3,000

All accounts will be available for inspection by interested parties.

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