O “Trovador do Guadiana” is based on a musician’s original project connected to Alcoutim. Their themes are inspired in the Algarve of legends, visions, enchanted moors. One of the Troubadour’s aim is to give voice to poets and he looks in the lyrics for a sense and an objective for his music.

This trip comes from the open sea, which invades the land through Guadiana river between Alentejo and Andaluzia inside an Algarve lost among Cistus hills. Let’s celebrate this “eternally bridal land crowned by the perfume of the orange tree blossom”.

Our repertoire consists of original songs written by João, embellished by Teresa’s voice and enriched by Norberto’s exquisite sounds. Many of them were written and worked out in Alcoutim where we get our inspiration and “feel the dreams flying slowly…”

João Cassinello Dias – vocals, guitar
Teresa Cassinello Dias – vocals, sound effects
Norberto Sousa – cajón, sound effects
Trovador do Guadiana
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