Come join us for a weekend of fun and celebration

The 8th Guadiana International Music Festival is happening on October 21th to 23rd on both sides of the River Guadiana between Alcoutim and Sanlúcar de Guadiana.

Bigger and better than ever, enjoy an eclectic mix of music genres including Blues, Folk, Jazz, Fado, Flamenco and much more. Truly international with venues on both sides of the river.

Take your pick:

Sanlúcar, Spain in the afternoon,

Alcoutim, Portugal in the evening.

Can’t decide where to be – no problem – just hop on the ferry and cross the border in two within minutes (but remember to change your watch by 1 hour!)

The Guadiana International Music Festival is a not for profit event that takes place each year in mid-October. This is the 8th year of the festival, which was originally devised as a way for the large ex-pat community to give something back to our wonderful hosts in Alcoutim, Portugal and Sanlúcar, Spain, on either side of the Rio Guadiana.

It is a truly international and multi-cultural event, organised through the collaboration of ex-pats with local Spanish and Portuguese organisations and businesses.

Volunteers work free of charge to organise, manage, promote and perform at the festival and, alongside a fantastic weekend of eclectic music, the festival aims to promote the many attractions in the regions surrounding the two villages.